Google analytics new features

Google Analytics just announced a new set of features that definitely brings Google Analytics to a next level. Among the features unveiled are: custom reports, segmentation on the fly, API, revamped account and profile management, motion charts and integration of Google AdSense.

Advanced Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation lets you create segments of visitors, based on every metrics availabe. While profiles let you create segments of visitors in a similar fashion, they cannot be used on existing data and do not offer the same level of user friendliness.

Advanced Segmentation lets you create and compare custom segments for data already gathered by Google Analytics, letting you slice and dice the deepest piece of data, even if it was measured one year ago. The following screenshot shows the segment selection pane:

Multiple criteria can be combined to create complex segments.

Revamped account and profile management

Accounts and profiles can now be compared side to side on several metrics. The date range is fixed and compares the last month to the preceding month.

The profile comparison feature allow to compare the performance of profiles based on different groups of visitors or different objectives easily, without the need to go back and forth between profiles.

A couple of features have been added to simplify the day to day maintenance and follow up. Profiles are now grouped by domain name and tracking number, making it easier to test and manage. Renaming profiles is now only a click away, so there are no reasons to leave those messy accounts unordered! Finally, we now have the ability to star profiles, in the same way we can star a discussion in GMail.

Custom reports, Motion charts and Integration with AdSense

I am waiting to find out if the custom reports module is a serious module

Finally, AdSense receives the same treatment AdWords received in Google Analytics: specific reports that let you analyze the performance of your ads, combined to the abundance of data Google Analytics offers.

Application Programming Interface

After segmentation on the fly, this is a dream come true! We have been waiting for a long time for this one, the ability to retrieve data from Google Anaytics using an official and documented API. This opens up a a lot of possibilities; custom dashboard and automatic data manipulation are now closer than ever.


I think Google has managed to meet and surpass our expectations (once again).So why paid went you can use Google Analytics for free 🙂 and you know they will bring new features asap 🙂



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