Google : Adwords tips and tricks

Adwords tips and tricks

Adwords ?
Adwords are sponsored links (you pay for them) that you (every people who is make a search on Google) see on the Google research page and also on websites using Adsense Google program.
Those ads are shown in relation with the keyword searched by the surfer. If you search for wine you will see ads about wine.

Mainly the are on the right side of the Google result search page but sometimes you can see them on top of the result with a blue backround. Those are « premium Adwords » (max 2-3 per page) given by Google when the clickthrought pourcentage is higher than the clicktrough rate of the other Ads on the subject

You see an adwords ads according to:
– CPC : « cost per clic »: the amount you agree to pay to Google when people clic on your link
– CTR : « click throught rate » : it’s the amount of click divided by the amount of times the ads have been shown
– a new criterium is now use by Google the define the position of an ad : the relation between the content of your add and the content of the final page (the linked page you put into the ad)

Those 3 informations combined together give your position if is really higher that the other on the same page/criterium then you may earn the premium Adwords position

According JDN the average clickthrought ratio is:
10-13% for the premium
1-4% for the others

How to make a good Adwords campaign ?
1. spend a lot of money on the CPC… certainly not 🙂
2. organize you campaign, of course
– so use one language and choose the right Google country/geographical position for it
– use the right words/keywords base on the aim/content of your campaign you can use the adwords system or some online tools (see below)
– split you ads if you have several thema’s and create as much ads that needed according to your thema’s/subject (you only pay if they are clicked)
– show carefully the title, content and the shown link (think you are an end-user)
– the landing page (page after your link) has to be the best one
– the landing page MUST have the same content as your adword (do not hesitate to have one landing page/campaign if necessary)
3. follow you results
– work on the ads who give results, remove bad ads who aren’t working
– be more accurate, remove from you good ads keywords that are meaning full (look the CTR of each keywords, a 0 CTR means that nobody has use this keyword to see you add)
– make variante of you ad and remove the bad one
4. Think what you want to achieve with your ad ? Lot’s of click but people don’t stay on your site of 10 clicks but 30% of them order something ? (knowing you pay per click)

So keywords generators (french/english)


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