SEO – Optimize your page – off page

To be found by Google you need others sites linking to your pages.

So this is the best one for me, the one criterium where you have to make your imagination works because, now you have to find links that link to your site !!!!

Google is scrolling the web for all links and read them (almost) then (cfr the PR concept) this is one of his best tool to know what people are thinking about (you) a page.

Google is taking in account:
– the link
– the title/alt on that link
– the name of the link

Except for the link the rest is depending on the « webmaster » of the other site, SO THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CONTROL BUT YOU HAVE TO WORK A WAY AROUND

And there comes the imagination depending of course of what is the content of your website. If you sell ipod it’s easy but if you sell homeappliance then is more difficult

The basics : How to have the best back links

  • Texte on the link
  • The link is a page in relation with the link (themes)
  • Site is well known
  • PR is good
  • Few link on the page
  • Link is in the middle
  • Link is in pure html (no javascript..)
  • So ideal backlink is a natural one
  • Internal link are important and you control them
  • Good navigation (surfer and robots)
  • Avoid « clic here »
  • Choice your word
  • Change text on link
  • Do a site map

How to GET the best back links

My tips

1. subscrire to directories (general one but specific to your domain)
2. use your top 10 keywords and look the backlink of the people before you in the result (competitor or resellers…)
3. try to exchange links with the company you work with (dealers…) BUT give them the correct html code you want them to use (use (or the new  to find the best keywords and also adwords)
4. job offer : when publish them use a link to your site
5. use your networking tools to put your link (linkedIn), ask all your coworker to add the link of your website on their profile
6. subscribe to 1 or 2 official web alumni, organisation … like
7. Create on wikipedia a presentation page and check witht your top keyword if you can add comment on some other articles (ps be aware of the site with nofollow link they seems useless but you never know
8. create a page on youtube, dailymotion, … if you have video or even if you have (use video already existing)
9. create a blog speaking about your products
10. find blog that speak about you and send them information
11. create crosslinks between all your website (national or international)
12. if you are a sponsor or make collaboration ask to put your link on they website


E.g. If you type « Siemens électroménager » in Google

Here a different links qualities (text or image)

here is the code and after the html results

<a href=« »>Cliquez ici</a>
<a href= » « >Siemens</a>
<a href= » « >Siemens électroménager</a>
<a href= » »  title=« Siemens« >Siemens</a>
<a href= » »  title=« Siemens électroménager, four, lave-vaisselle, hotte, lave-linge, hotte, cuisine« >Siemens électroménager</a>

what it gives at front end for the end-users (surfers)

Cliquez ici
Siemens électroménager
Siemens électroménager


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