Flash Files Can Now Be Found And Indexed

If Google cannot find something, it doesn’t exist. That has been one of the biggest drawbacks to creating a Website or application that displays itself as a Flash file.
Search engines could see the file, but they could not see what was in it. Until now. Adobe has come up with a way for the search engines to read SWF files and index all of the information they contain.
That means any text or links in a Flash application can now be indexed. This is a huge step forward for Adobe and anyone who develops in Flash/Flex.

Adobe announced, yesterday, that it is working with (search engines) Google and Yahoo to make flash files (in the SWF format) searchable.  This includes existing SWF content across all versions of the SWF file format. If you have ever been in any capacity that entailed wrestling with this issue, chances are.

It only the text in the Flash (no pics no movies), it’s not really a new stuff but a new way of doing it, specially for the RIA application (rich application)

For more on the news, check out the following links:


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