SEO – optimize your domain name (url)

When choicing your domain name of your website you have to think twice before choicing it.

First is what is the objectif of the site ? I mean will you base all on SEO or only « communication ». Do you want it to be found or not 🙂

All joke aside, this is really important for example:
– You launch a online game for 3 weeks and all the communication is based on off line ads and also viral marketing … then the domain name should really be the same as the name of your game.
– If you want to create a site for online sales of e.g. sunglasses and your main source of visitor has to be surfer then you need to think carefully at your domain name.

What do i mean by think carefull at your domaine name:
– it should be in the language people will use to find you
– it should include the 1 or 2 main keywords people will use to search what you sell (not you but what you sell !! (i repeat), if your company name is « Ghuim » and you sell sunglasses people will never type « ghuim » but sunglasses)
– if you use 2 words use « – » between them, then Google will take the 2 words in account more deeply, Like i told you I work a et we should have token
– do you 2 domaine name this will not help you (see futur post on this topic), I mean one with the best words and one with a shorter for communication.


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