SCRED – The solution to manage expense between friend

Scred is a community-oriented cost balancing tool — a ‘street credit’ between trusted people

With Scred you can:

  • Create a pool for your friends or for an activity.
  • Balance your debts and shared expenses. These will be automatically shuffled within a pool.
  • Manage transactions in multiple currencies and Scred will work out the rates.
  • Let Scred tell you who owes what after a long trip.
  • Use Scred on a mobile phone, even without a network connection on the phone!
  • All basic Scred features are totally free of charge.
Screding makes life easier!

So say you are spending a weekend together at a cottage. Mike pays for the petrol to wherever you are going, and Lisa pays for the food. Other small expenses pop up along the way, as they tend to do. After the trip is over and you’re finally safe from the mosquitos Scred will work out all the complex shared expenses between participants back and forth and will tell you exactly what each person owes, and who is expecting money. All you need to do is to lie back and relax.



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