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How to create a good content (text)

So after having a good title on your page you have to create a related content on the page.

Here are the main rules :

  • Gold rule : you need page with CONTENT
    Seems logical but it’s the base, you have to have the same words in the content than in your title, put those words also in your content heading

  • Only visible text, finish to hidden content like « sex » to have more visit, isn’t working anymore
  • Bold, Title (H1,2…), link,… give info to Google what is important for you
  • All pages must be linked
  • I will point this later on, but inside links are VERY important

  • The name of the links avoid « more info » « more » (anchor text)
  • Occurrence : Repeat yourself on the same page (3-4 times the key word)
  • One language
  • Use : female, male, singular, plural
  • Synonimes
    This one seems logical but it’s one of the most important, try to use all the possibles words surfers can use to find your page. A very good tools : Google trends

Here are the others rules :

  • Localization of the text top > bottom in weight
  • Size of the page (100 words minimum but 1 theme)
  • Ratio of density 3-5 % = number of keywords/total of the words on the page
  • Proximity of the words between them
  • Order of the word (“travel to marocco” and “marocco travel”)

Don’t forget to be technically correct

  • Use html balise
  • Use CSS
  • Try to be W3C correct, you can check your page directly on

My tips

  • use Google Trends to select which word/synomim you use
  • use firefox addons to make your live easier
  • for the link « more info » if you use an image and you have not other choice one solution is to use the alternate text of the image to give the information needed to the Search Engines

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