SEO – Optimize your page – on page – The Title

On page criterium : The Title

If you have to do 1 optimization THEN IS THE TITLE

Heading title on the page SEO version

It’s what you see en top of the page, on google result and when save a bookmark

That’s what make the surfer « clic »

Title result on Google research

How to improve it:

-Between 6 to 7 description words without stop words
-Every page has its own title
-Avoid generic terms like « Welcome on our website »
-Title has to give as much « keyword » as possible
-Title is the resume of the page
-One langue in the title
-Title must be more and more clear and describe the structure of the page
-It has to be a sentence  to give people to need to clic

My tips

– Well, The most important thing is to try to have something like a sentence but a list of the most keywords linked to the page content.
For an home page if you take my example « Siemens électroménager » (home appliances) when I took the main product families to start, then the main big services

– Make a title per page, no copy paste here.


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